Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dance Instructor—Private Detective

I was an instructor at a home/dance studio. The students were many that I knew from work, including other instructors. I was dressed in a flowy black dress, black stockings with a garter belt and black high heels. (I don't even LIKE high heels.)  I tried to begin the class, but the students kept on visiting. I got at the front of the class and started with some flexibility exercises, which I was pitiful at and everyone knew it. The students kept visiting with each other, not paying attention to me and I got right in their face. That only made them get up and leave the room. I said something like, “Don’t you all want to learn?” They answered with “We don’t want to learn to dance, we know how to dance—we want you to tell us your adventures in your detective business. We heard you have had some amazing breakthroughs and cases” I wasn’t sure how they knew about my other business, it was supposed to be a Private Detective.

December 12, 2007 

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  1. There are many who want to know the things you know privately. When the time is right.