Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shrek drives the truck

 We lived at a place that looked somewhat like the place in Morgan.  We had horses and various corrals. I was outside, taking some photos and video of various things.  I turned around and saw the truck being driven wildly over the entire place.  Shrek had somehow gotten into the truck and was driving it.  We were able to get to it and open the door and stop him, but not after it had rolled a couple of times.  He appeared to be ok.  bob checked the truck and said there was damage to the differential and other structural damage.  How did Shrek get the keys and get it started?  bob had left the keys in the truck on the seat.  How did Shrek get out of his corral?  We didn't know until I watched some video on my camera which showed Shrek in the far background leaping over a series of corral fences.  We called the insurance and the media because it was such a weird story of a horse driving a truck, but no one believed us without actual video of the event. They thought we had made it up.

(July 6, 2012)