Wednesday, January 7, 2015

House Sitting For Polygamists

November 28, 2013--I was asked to house sit or baby sit for a family.  I was reluctant, but went anyway on short notice.  When I arrived there was all sorts of not deception, but evasion going on.  I wasn't told out right, but the impression was it was a secret polygamist family along with other great crimes like home schooling.
There seemed to be three wives and various children.  I never saw the husband, but occasional snatches of children.  Everyone was in and out, the general feeling was of evasion, not that they were doing anything really wrong, but were unjustly targeted. They seemed like nice people.
  I didn’t seem to have any real job, but was more of an onlooker and look out.  I asked if I could go back home and get my phone and some books to read and rugs to work on.  I calculated it would take me an hour travel time.  I was given permission to do this, but hurry.  There was a vague feeling of dream, sometimes I seemed to be just the onlooker.  There were close calls as various enforcement officials came and went looking for incriminating evidence.  It became vague as details evaporated.  Eventually, there was talk of a Mexican restaurant and sending out for food.  I volunteered to go for food and ended up at a cafeteria like place.  there was difficulty getting food as I attempted to authenticate who I was and what right I had to be there.  At one point, I had trouble searching for a clean fork.  The feelings were of evasion and slight frustration.

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