Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Mountain Lion and the tranquilizer dart

  A mountain lion was loose and appeared in the front yard.  The authorities were chasing it trying to capture or kill it.   The lion attempted to crash through our front door, eventually breaking the glass all over.  
I positioned myself there to protect my children, thinking the lion wouldn't want to tangle with someone my size. I stood there and used all my weight to push the lion back out the door with a quick movement that I had just learned from Aikido.  As I did that, a tranquilizer dart that was intended for the lion hit me in the shoulder area just above the left breast. 

 Within a few seconds, I was down and drowsy.  they were able to get the lion down at the same time.  I passed out for a few minutes, so I didn't see how they took care of the lion.  when I awakened, all were gone.  I felt awful and had a painful area where the dart had entered. 
 I wondered why they had just ignored me.
  Didn't I need medical attention? 
 I felt I should go to a hospital for treatment.  At the next scene, I was at a mall, asking people to please find me the phone for the Ogden Regional.  I knew our insurance didn't cover McKay Dee.  Eventually, someone offered to take me to a hospital, where I was put in a bed, treated and put on an IV.  I still couldn't figure out why everyone had ignored me and wasn't concerned about my condition. 

October 28, 2011 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hidden caverns in the basement & Brandon rescuing me

 Began with investigating why we had a constant flood in our "basement".  the house was some combination of our Morgan house with this one, with some options of neither.  Brandon was helping investigate.  We first looked at the drainage system, which seemed to be constantly overflowing.  Brandon did some sort of adjustment which opened up underground levels which we had been unaware for more than decades.  The first level was dark and rocky.  As I investigated, I became stranded on a rocky ledge above huge caverns.  Brandon had to rescue me and show me the way out.  He also pointed out there was another level accessed with a slightly spiraling rock and dirt staircase.  We turned on the lighting system and lo, there were toys, baby things, cribs and especially sewing machines of all sorts, seemingly my mother's old ones, every old one, I ever could imagined and stacks of sewing supplies, pins, needles, thread by the cartload.  My thought, was "I have been buying all this new sewing stuff, when all this was stashed away and I had forgotten about it".  The stuff did not seem dirty or moldy or cobwebby, but nearly new, even though it had been put away down there in the glorified crawl space.  It seemed vaguely like a dream. I "floated" above the stuff, examining it.  Once down there, I negotiated my way back "up", carefully noting the path, so I could return.  My intention was to bring some people back to show them.
(September 5, 2011)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Moving Again and Lucid Dream

This time we were in a "new" home to us and it became filled with all kinds of furniture and beds that I didn't recognize…I walked around saying, "where did this come from".  I thought of Bethany and her move, but it didn't seem like stuff that she would send.  I then asked someone where our TV was, as there was no TV.  Someone said it was moved to our bedroom, but then someone else said that Bob had gotten rid of it and given it to a hospital.  I was furious.  How dare he give away our TV without asking first!  There was nothing wrong with it and it hasn't been replaced.  At this point I became aware that this was probably a dream!  I dwelt in this awareness as I surveyed the surroundings taking in the detail of how the furniture was arranged.  Then, I thought if this is a dream, I can leave it.  I tried to stop it, but couldn't, so I thought, well, if I can't stop it, I will try to change it.  The only way I could change it was by moving myself, so I began walking, first leaving the house and going outside.  it seemed to be very cumbersome just walking, so I thought, I will just fly, so I levitated in the air and began soaring over the landscape, like in the movie Dinosaur.  I came to some very big and scary dinosaurs, so I just reached out my hand to them and willed them into cute, little cuddly creatures.

(May 27, 2011)