Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Scooper

A baby was crawling around the floor, kept eating stuff on the floor like a vacuum. Then baby threw up all that he had been eating, coins, shampoo bottles, so much kept coming back up. Poor baby all empty now.
I was concerned that all that stuff had damaged him and went to Sally’s. There was a lot of turmoil there. Unfamiliar house for the meeting. She was very distracted with her daughter. Carrie S. showed up and a lot of people I didn’t know. I called home, Bob answered. I asked if the pile of stuff was still on the floor where the baby had thrown up. Bob wouldn’t answer me. I got SO angry because he wouldn’t answer me. I kept asking Why is it so hard? Tris asked me about a store where he got shoes. I asked him why Bob wouldn’t answer me. I wanted that pile of stuff so I could document what the baby had actually swallowed.

November 18, 2005  

Analysis by Lynn: I am the baby, going around scooping up bits of information from all different sources, wanting nourishment. I finally have to upchuck it all, so it can be recognized and used. When I left to seek more help, I wanted to make sure it was all validated and recognized so I could retrieve it again when needed. Didn’t want someone thinking it was junk and throwing it away. It is not personal about Bob, just a vehicle because I didn’t see him directly but called on phone. Represented “mankind” in general, all family, etc. not recognizing my worth and valuable contributions. Sally represented another facet of mankind, too busy with their own lives. Tris represents family that I perceive--occupied with material things. Shoes. Choice of career, he needs wants guidance on taking care of his shoes.

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