Sunday, May 24, 2009

Glendale, Nevada

The scene was a recreation complex in a Utah town, bordering Nevada. I was told the town on the Nevada side was named Glendale. I thought that was strange because I knew there was a Glendale Arizona, California and Utah, but not one in NV. The NV side was run down, looked like a junk yard. There were gray and black hoodoos all over. Medium sized mountains, covered in sage and juniper surrounded the area.
The complex was wood lined roads kind of like a pinewood derby track, except they allowed full sized cars, smaller individual sized pinewood derby cars and skate board type things. It was covered on top, shaded from the outside elements, but both sides were open to the outside. There was a family there that allowed their kids to run rampant. One small blond boy about 5 yrs old, had his own miniature pinewood derby racer that he was racing. However, he was wildly irresponsible and nearly got killed. He was coming down the track in his little vehicle and a large full size car crossed over his lane. He was able to slide under the larger car, but still got hit by one wheel, which knocked him off the track. I sought out his parents and explained how dangerous that was even if he was not hurt. They shrugged off the warning.
I remember going down the course several times in a small vehicle that was fun. I enjoyed the ride until I had to warn the parents.
There seemed to be a contingency from my work. We discussed the relative merits of this complex and the gambling tables it had in another building across the border. Bryan was there as a high level supervisor. Bonnie was dressed up as a Las Vegas type show girl and caused quite a stir. I whispered to someone that she was Bryan’s mother and they were mortified! I explained that she was incognito for a special assignment. Then, I realized I probably shouldn’t have compromised her identity.
(Note: the next day I googled Glendale, NV and it does exist halfway between Mesquite and Las Vegas)

October 24, 2007 

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