Monday, June 29, 2009

Switched Kokopelli bags

Travelling was the theme. I was with C and kids and sometimes T, sometimes Bob. To the Southwest. Sometimes by plane, sometimes by bus. On the way back we loaded a bus. I got on it somehow by myself and went to get into my bag for something and noticed it was filled with C’s stuff and couldn’t find what I needed. Then, C showed up and said that we had switched our bags somehow and she had mine. I wondered how they could have gotten mixed up, when we noticed that they were both Kokopelli prints on black background, almost identical except mine had Kokopelli on both sides and C’s had a petroglyph style horse on one side. I liked hers better and wanted to trade. However, hers was newer and mine was wearing out. She didn’t want to trade and I couldn’t blame her. Hers had things like baby bottles and cups, and about 4 packages of little powder sugar donuts and some other cookies. We got things switched back and then arrived at the Phoenix Air Terminal where we had to wait for a flight. Bob showed up to come home with us.

December 13, 2008  

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Powell base camp

We had a base camp somewhere on the shores of Lake Powell. Many of our group decided to go on a “trek”. I stayed behind to look after our campsite. We had a small houseboat we slept on. The water rose about 4 feet overnite and inundated much of our stuff that had been left on the beach. Clothing, camping gear, etc. I could see it under the water and thought I would try to rescue some of it. As I went down, there was a door or opening to a cave/shelter that I found and opened, all with no realization of having been IN any water to get there. The water rushed into this large opening and flooded the floor, but it was big enough and went high enough that the water barely had an effect. I was impressed at this hidden room that was so large and I began exploring it. After I had been there a while, other people began arriving and I asked how they found it and I was told that it was a gathering place for youth groups. I asked how they got through the water to find it and was told there was another entrance. Most people did not have to enter from the water side, because that was frequently under water. I proceeded to look for my family’s belongings. I looked up and recognized two people—Sandy W and Mary D. They recognized me and there was much hugging and greeting. They asked what I was doing there and I told them. They were so glad to find me. I apologized for losing touch. Told them I had lost their e-mail addresses. I wanted to give them a business card so we could keep in contact. I looked through my bags and couldn’t find one. Found all sorts of junk. Then, I began looking for just a card or piece of paper on which I could write my e-mail address. Nothing was suitable. I finally found a piece of paper. Then, I couldn’t find a pen. Finally, a pencil, but the tip kept breaking off. A pen was found, but was out of ink. I had much difficulty trying to write. I kept apologizing for being so unorganized. I explained that I had come through the opening that was underwater and most of my stuff was left on the boat. They just stared at me and made no offering to give me their information. I was frustrated because I couldn’t find the right tools and had come here unprepared. Although I couldn’t have been expected to find this situation. I vowed to always carry cards on me in the future.

July 8, 2008

Friday, June 12, 2009

Colorado Horse Round Up

I was given a satellite view of the great plains area, which then focused in on southeast Colorado. The map highlighted the plains areas. Then I was IN Colorado with a group of family members. The area was not familiar and we kept taking wrong turn offs. I had to keep looking at the map, but to do so, I had to go up in the atmosphere and look down at the area that way. We made a stop for food and took it to a rest area. As everyone else ate, I felt a need to scout out the scenery. I noticed Kass and possibly Michex or Q had taken their subway type sandwiches and put all the vegetable fixings on plates like a salad and didn’t want their buns. We resumed our travel to the north and saw a freeway exit marked, “Airport A”. 

I thought that the airport was near Beth somewhere, so we were getting nearer to Aurora. We intended to take that exit, but were diverted and forced to take another one that was unfamiliar. We sought refuge in a ranch like area and were told we could witness the “wild horse” round-up. We watched the round up, but it appeared to be contained in some sort of “time capsule”. Then, we saw Shematite participating in it. She had trouble trying to run after the horses on foot as she was not riding. I tried to run into the action to tell her to get on a horse. I was too slow. As I approached the area of the round up, there was a small foal who had been left behind. He was a dark golden color all over and was really struggling to keep up with the group. I tried to help him. There was much more to the dream, but that’s what I remember.

June 12, 2008  

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Days, Gratitude and generators

There seemed to be a lot of confusion as the area was “attacked”. Power was out and people were milling around wondering what to do. Our family seemed to be safe and comfortable in a large building like a convention center. It had high ceilings and many windows that let the light in. We gathered around a large screen TV watching images of groups of people.The feeling was of safety and gratitude. Everyone expressed their gratitude that we were all able to gather in this safe place with a generator so we could watch TV. Bob had prepared and provided this generator and place of safety. I seemed to be observing more than being a part of it. I left the place astrally to go over a “hilly” place, then look down into a valley where a nuclear device had been placed. It seemed to be smoldering and glowing brightly, but not expanding to where it could do harm. I looked around for other people who I could offer safety to, but no one was around. I came back to the building and reported. Then, we all used our visualization and psychic abilities to surround and contain the device.
(As I awakened, I had sparkly geometric figures appear in my “vision”. I took a bath and while in there, the images changed to shapes like large expanded commas that were iridescent blue/black with neon green sparkly edges. There were also reddish shapes that reminded me of lava that appeared and disappeared. The shapes morphed and shifted, gradually getting fainter. They intensified if I shut my eyes against the dark background, but could still be seen with the eyes open.)

January 18, 2008 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dance Instructor—Private Detective

I was an instructor at a home/dance studio. The students were many that I knew from work, including other instructors. I was dressed in a flowy black dress, black stockings with a garter belt and black high heels. (I don't even LIKE high heels.)  I tried to begin the class, but the students kept on visiting. I got at the front of the class and started with some flexibility exercises, which I was pitiful at and everyone knew it. The students kept visiting with each other, not paying attention to me and I got right in their face. That only made them get up and leave the room. I said something like, “Don’t you all want to learn?” They answered with “We don’t want to learn to dance, we know how to dance—we want you to tell us your adventures in your detective business. We heard you have had some amazing breakthroughs and cases” I wasn’t sure how they knew about my other business, it was supposed to be a Private Detective.

December 12, 2007