Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gods Must Be Crazy Guest Lecturer

The scene was a school, again one I am not familiar with. I seemed to be a guest lecturer and walked thru the halls trying to find my place. I was carrying a large, heavy scrapbook, the one my kids had compiled. I also had a small backpack and was dressed up. I came to a blockade. 
 I indicated at the security gate that I was a “teacher” and she let me thru. I reached a place where they were having an assembly. I went to where all the other teachers were gathered and sat on a chair (big, gold stuffed) and watched the proceedings. They were all women and were dressed in various pant suits.

 One teacher tried to lead the group in a song, but no one seemed to know it at first, then all started singing except me because it was a school hymn and I didn’t know it. Then, we were asked to all move over to an adjoining area, to make room for the rest of the program. I moved, but left my large chair where I had been sitting. I also left my scrapbook because it was so heavy. At this point I became disinterested because they weren't asking me to participate like I had anticipated. I left that area and began walking away out into the area where the students were gathered. 

 There was a large amphitheater area that was filled with students who were mostly black, and were trying to hear their guest lecturer, but the whole area was very noisy due to the meeting, I had just left. They seemed to belong to a different school that was kind of having “split sessions” with the other one. I left that meeting and began walking away from the gatherings down a pathway to another building. I arrived at the building, but didn't feel it was the right one, so turned around to walk up another path. There was a group of students going in the same direction, to a still different building. I began walking with them and they were discussing good movies. I don’t remember how many there were or what they looked like. I asked if they had ever seen “The Gods Must Be Crazy”. They said no. I said it was a really old movie that took place in Africa about the natives and a journey and a coke bottle falling from the sky. That’s all I could remember. They looked at me. Not actually saying anything, but I could understand what they were thinking. “Why is this old lady, telling us about a dumb movie, that she can’t even remember very well” I said something like, oh well, I guess I need to watch it again. 

 Still kept walking with them. We followed paths that seemed to lead into the building. It was old and multi storied like the buildings on the U. campus. We kept being blocked off by new construction that had covered the old pathways and had to find a different path. I jumped over terraces and plants, going down off of a hillside area and finally found a pathway of bricks that adjoined a highway. Now, the school was no where in sight. 

 Then, I began jogging on the brick path, but had to throw off my skirt so I could run. I seemed to have jogging shorts underneath. The students that had been with me, were left far behind and were no longer in the picture. They had finally found a way into the school or stopped trying. I felt like I had a lot of energy in jogging that I had never felt before. I still didn't know it was a dream until I woke up at that point.

March 22, 2007 

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