Thursday, May 28, 2009

Captive Teenage Slumber Party

   Somehow I was taken captive by a teenage girl who I had never seen before. It seems ridiculous that I could not just over power her and escape, but there was some reason I had to take great care not to harm her and she was bigger physically than I was. 
 We eventually ended up at a house that she was able to secure so I wouldn’t escape. She tried to find ways to entertain me while she explained the reasons I had to stay there. She took my cell phone and my purse. We spent most of the time in the 3rd level basement of the split level home. She eventually pulled out my phone and turned it on and set it on a counter.
 I was delighted because I knew it had GPS tracking and those who were looking for me could trace it. I began trying to distract her from realizing what she had done. After a time, the doorbell starting ringing and a steady stream of other teenaged girls arrived carrying their pillows and saying they were coming to her “slumber” party that they had been invited to. 
 They came in and situated themselves upstairs.
 I came up and asked what was going on and she ignored me, not even introducing me to her friends. Eventually, she was upstairs distracted with entertaining the friends. 
 I made sure my phone was still on. Then, instead of opening the door and escaping, I just opened the front door and left it ajar. Within a few minutes, Tris and another guy arrived, came in the door and rescued me. Tris said he had been called in because he was good at tracking GPS coordinates. The girl was surprised that I had been tracked, but said she should have known better.

December 5, 2007

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Glendale, Nevada

The scene was a recreation complex in a Utah town, bordering Nevada. I was told the town on the Nevada side was named Glendale. I thought that was strange because I knew there was a Glendale Arizona, California and Utah, but not one in NV. The NV side was run down, looked like a junk yard. There were gray and black hoodoos all over. Medium sized mountains, covered in sage and juniper surrounded the area.
The complex was wood lined roads kind of like a pinewood derby track, except they allowed full sized cars, smaller individual sized pinewood derby cars and skate board type things. It was covered on top, shaded from the outside elements, but both sides were open to the outside. There was a family there that allowed their kids to run rampant. One small blond boy about 5 yrs old, had his own miniature pinewood derby racer that he was racing. However, he was wildly irresponsible and nearly got killed. He was coming down the track in his little vehicle and a large full size car crossed over his lane. He was able to slide under the larger car, but still got hit by one wheel, which knocked him off the track. I sought out his parents and explained how dangerous that was even if he was not hurt. They shrugged off the warning.
I remember going down the course several times in a small vehicle that was fun. I enjoyed the ride until I had to warn the parents.
There seemed to be a contingency from my work. We discussed the relative merits of this complex and the gambling tables it had in another building across the border. Bryan was there as a high level supervisor. Bonnie was dressed up as a Las Vegas type show girl and caused quite a stir. I whispered to someone that she was Bryan’s mother and they were mortified! I explained that she was incognito for a special assignment. Then, I realized I probably shouldn’t have compromised her identity.
(Note: the next day I googled Glendale, NV and it does exist halfway between Mesquite and Las Vegas)

October 24, 2007 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Buffalo on the Loose

The scene was our house in Morgan, except updated and the pasture area was more a combination of Enterprise and North Ogden. 
We had an animal in the backyard. It was not a horse, might have been an elk or deer or cow. It was not well defined. There was a buffalo on the loose and it had gotten into our back pasture. It was trying to get over the gate and was butting heads with our animal. We were watching from a higher vantage point and kept encouraging our animal to stop fighting. The buffalo had nearly broken the gate down. We had called animal control. 
Meanwhile, the buffalo stopped fighting with our animal and began running around our pasture. It had gathered some friends, not other bison, but smaller animals including a coyote. The animal control people communicated with us that they were going to destroy these animals, rather than tranquilize and move them because they were now bothering people in their yards.
 We watched them run all over our pasture, which was huge and had rolling hills, some sagebrush, grass, looked like Colorado prairie. While we were watching, the doorbell rang and it was the visiting teachers. We told them we were busy with wild animals.

July 5, 2007 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ninja’s Babies and Trip to Europe

The first scene was Ninja looking for a place to have her babies. Her choice was an old fashioned carpet in a house, which appeared to be the house on McClelland St. in SL, in which I lived until I was about 2. She scratched around on the carpet and finally began having the babies as I watched. The first two were born dead or appeared to be dead. Two or three were beautiful white spotted with various shades of grey and tiger markings. Within a few minutes the kittens were running around with their eyes open, which was unusual.

(This dream happened before Ninja’s first batch of babies was born—2 black and 2 tiger. The next batch of babies born in August included the beautifully marked kittens, one of which was Muggle)

(postscript, Dec. 2008. I just watched movies of me when I was 1 year old living on McClelland St. I had a cat that looked almost identical to Muggle, black and white)

The next set of dreaming involved a trip to Europe for me and Bob. I never really wanted to go to Europe. I would rather go to Fiji or Turkey. But, we finally made arrangements that would include the places I wanted to visit. It was expensive, but not too bad. I think the whole trip was $3,000 total. We got on the plane and slept most of the way. We arrived in Germany and got on some sort of open air train, on which we sat facing the middle, so we couldn’t see the scenery. At this point, Bob decided to go home instead of finish the trip. I was very upset because we had spent so much money getting to his life long dream and he was choosing to end it. We got back home and were looking at catalogs. There was one of the ginger cookie factories that we were supposed to visit. Bob expressed disappointment that we didn’t go there and get the cookies. I said, maybe we could order some. He said no, don’t do that, just go down to Dillard’s and buy a bucket of them.

The third set involved my work situation at a location that looked like a school. We had a week that we all came to work in costume. I got mixed up on the days and came to work dressed as a wizard, when everyone else was in Marie Antoinette costumes.

May 7, 2007 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gods Must Be Crazy Guest Lecturer

The scene was a school, again one I am not familiar with. I seemed to be a guest lecturer and walked thru the halls trying to find my place. I was carrying a large, heavy scrapbook, the one my kids had compiled. I also had a small backpack and was dressed up. I came to a blockade. 
 I indicated at the security gate that I was a “teacher” and she let me thru. I reached a place where they were having an assembly. I went to where all the other teachers were gathered and sat on a chair (big, gold stuffed) and watched the proceedings. They were all women and were dressed in various pant suits.

 One teacher tried to lead the group in a song, but no one seemed to know it at first, then all started singing except me because it was a school hymn and I didn’t know it. Then, we were asked to all move over to an adjoining area, to make room for the rest of the program. I moved, but left my large chair where I had been sitting. I also left my scrapbook because it was so heavy. At this point I became disinterested because they weren't asking me to participate like I had anticipated. I left that area and began walking away out into the area where the students were gathered. 

 There was a large amphitheater area that was filled with students who were mostly black, and were trying to hear their guest lecturer, but the whole area was very noisy due to the meeting, I had just left. They seemed to belong to a different school that was kind of having “split sessions” with the other one. I left that meeting and began walking away from the gatherings down a pathway to another building. I arrived at the building, but didn't feel it was the right one, so turned around to walk up another path. There was a group of students going in the same direction, to a still different building. I began walking with them and they were discussing good movies. I don’t remember how many there were or what they looked like. I asked if they had ever seen “The Gods Must Be Crazy”. They said no. I said it was a really old movie that took place in Africa about the natives and a journey and a coke bottle falling from the sky. That’s all I could remember. They looked at me. Not actually saying anything, but I could understand what they were thinking. “Why is this old lady, telling us about a dumb movie, that she can’t even remember very well” I said something like, oh well, I guess I need to watch it again. 

 Still kept walking with them. We followed paths that seemed to lead into the building. It was old and multi storied like the buildings on the U. campus. We kept being blocked off by new construction that had covered the old pathways and had to find a different path. I jumped over terraces and plants, going down off of a hillside area and finally found a pathway of bricks that adjoined a highway. Now, the school was no where in sight. 

 Then, I began jogging on the brick path, but had to throw off my skirt so I could run. I seemed to have jogging shorts underneath. The students that had been with me, were left far behind and were no longer in the picture. They had finally found a way into the school or stopped trying. I felt like I had a lot of energy in jogging that I had never felt before. I still didn't know it was a dream until I woke up at that point.

March 22, 2007 

Friday, May 15, 2009

50s theme for dress up

The setting was a church. I was on the front row. It was ward conference and Brian was conducting (as a bishop) dressed in old fashioned clothes. Bob was the chorister, dressed in 50s outfits. He said the theme for the conference was the Fifties and all the officers were supposed to dress that way. Brian was really in old clothes, like 1850s instead. I was very upset because I hadn’t been told the theme. After the opening exercises, a play stage was quickly set up. Shematite and two of her friends were on the set, dressed in 50s. They sang and Shema did a reading that was very dramatic. Then, it was over and a stage crew came in and moved the set VERY QUICKLY. I even commented, man that was fast. 

  Jan. 18, 2006  

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Scooper

A baby was crawling around the floor, kept eating stuff on the floor like a vacuum. Then baby threw up all that he had been eating, coins, shampoo bottles, so much kept coming back up. Poor baby all empty now.
I was concerned that all that stuff had damaged him and went to Sally’s. There was a lot of turmoil there. Unfamiliar house for the meeting. She was very distracted with her daughter. Carrie S. showed up and a lot of people I didn’t know. I called home, Bob answered. I asked if the pile of stuff was still on the floor where the baby had thrown up. Bob wouldn’t answer me. I got SO angry because he wouldn’t answer me. I kept asking Why is it so hard? Tris asked me about a store where he got shoes. I asked him why Bob wouldn’t answer me. I wanted that pile of stuff so I could document what the baby had actually swallowed.

November 18, 2005  

Analysis by Lynn: I am the baby, going around scooping up bits of information from all different sources, wanting nourishment. I finally have to upchuck it all, so it can be recognized and used. When I left to seek more help, I wanted to make sure it was all validated and recognized so I could retrieve it again when needed. Didn’t want someone thinking it was junk and throwing it away. It is not personal about Bob, just a vehicle because I didn’t see him directly but called on phone. Represented “mankind” in general, all family, etc. not recognizing my worth and valuable contributions. Sally represented another facet of mankind, too busy with their own lives. Tris represents family that I perceive--occupied with material things. Shoes. Choice of career, he needs wants guidance on taking care of his shoes.

Hallelujah Trail and Nursing Baby

I am teaching in a school that I have never seen before. There is another teacher, a guest lecturer from out of state. She is young, pretty, long blond hair. We are discussing historical movies. She mentioned Hallelujah Trail. I said I had a copy. She wanted to borrow it. I said sure, then I had to leave quickly. Drove south to “home”, realized I forgot she was going to follow me home because she didn’t know the area.
Once I realized that, I went back, parked my red car on the main road & walked back to the school. It was mentioned as “Green Acres”, but it didn’t look like the Green Acres I knew. It was gray stone, modern red accents, several stories. I got back in the school, then was told the girl had left trying to find me, had gone to the other school to the north. I decided to walk to look for her because she could give me a ride back to my car. I walked north looking for the school, wandered around, finally found it. She was with her boyfriend, who seemed very strange. He had long hair, pierced ears and tattoos. We all got in her car and I told her that my car was parked right on the main road. They needed to make a few stops in some weird places, so I said I would just walk back to my car, but I told them where it was parked on the main road to the south.
Again I wandered, passed through a large house, done in logs, lots of windows, plants, displays of crafts. As I walked back thru the house, told the owner, that she had a really nice house. She told me I could display my craft items here for sale, because she had a store front on the main road. I left the house trying to find my way to my car. I finally found it, but there was a baby (toddler) in the back seat who had rolled down the window and was crying. I was mortified to think I had left my baby in the car and glad she was ok. She had a snotty nose from crying. I was worried someone would have seen her in the car and reported my license number to the police. Meanwhile, the couple in the other car showed up and parked a few feet behind me. I waved at them, saying, yes, this is it, but I had to nurse my baby because she was hungry and needed to have her nose wiped.

April 10, 2005

Cooking Hamburgers in the church

There was a church with Hispanics visiting. They were putting on the program in colorful dresses. A little girl gave a talk with the theme of “Remember Isaiah”. A “Black sheep” guy, not Hispanic, claims to be a visitor, goes outside, gets a horse (Paint) and rides through the foyer in back of the congregation. The horse has muddy feet. It is very muddy outside. He tramps through the back of the chapel twice, leaving muddy hoofprints. Some people immediately run for brooms and clean it up during the rest of the meeting. The Hispanics go to the kitchen in back and start cooking hamburgers and salad for everyone, while the meeting is still going on.

February 1, 2004