Friday, May 15, 2009

50s theme for dress up

The setting was a church. I was on the front row. It was ward conference and Brian was conducting (as a bishop) dressed in old fashioned clothes. Bob was the chorister, dressed in 50s outfits. He said the theme for the conference was the Fifties and all the officers were supposed to dress that way. Brian was really in old clothes, like 1850s instead. I was very upset because I hadn’t been told the theme. After the opening exercises, a play stage was quickly set up. Shematite and two of her friends were on the set, dressed in 50s. They sang and Shema did a reading that was very dramatic. Then, it was over and a stage crew came in and moved the set VERY QUICKLY. I even commented, man that was fast. 

  Jan. 18, 2006  

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