Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Days, Gratitude and generators

There seemed to be a lot of confusion as the area was “attacked”. Power was out and people were milling around wondering what to do. Our family seemed to be safe and comfortable in a large building like a convention center. It had high ceilings and many windows that let the light in. We gathered around a large screen TV watching images of groups of people.The feeling was of safety and gratitude. Everyone expressed their gratitude that we were all able to gather in this safe place with a generator so we could watch TV. Bob had prepared and provided this generator and place of safety. I seemed to be observing more than being a part of it. I left the place astrally to go over a “hilly” place, then look down into a valley where a nuclear device had been placed. It seemed to be smoldering and glowing brightly, but not expanding to where it could do harm. I looked around for other people who I could offer safety to, but no one was around. I came back to the building and reported. Then, we all used our visualization and psychic abilities to surround and contain the device.
(As I awakened, I had sparkly geometric figures appear in my “vision”. I took a bath and while in there, the images changed to shapes like large expanded commas that were iridescent blue/black with neon green sparkly edges. There were also reddish shapes that reminded me of lava that appeared and disappeared. The shapes morphed and shifted, gradually getting fainter. They intensified if I shut my eyes against the dark background, but could still be seen with the eyes open.)

January 18, 2008 

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