Thursday, May 28, 2009

Captive Teenage Slumber Party

   Somehow I was taken captive by a teenage girl who I had never seen before. It seems ridiculous that I could not just over power her and escape, but there was some reason I had to take great care not to harm her and she was bigger physically than I was. 
 We eventually ended up at a house that she was able to secure so I wouldn’t escape. She tried to find ways to entertain me while she explained the reasons I had to stay there. She took my cell phone and my purse. We spent most of the time in the 3rd level basement of the split level home. She eventually pulled out my phone and turned it on and set it on a counter.
 I was delighted because I knew it had GPS tracking and those who were looking for me could trace it. I began trying to distract her from realizing what she had done. After a time, the doorbell starting ringing and a steady stream of other teenaged girls arrived carrying their pillows and saying they were coming to her “slumber” party that they had been invited to. 
 They came in and situated themselves upstairs.
 I came up and asked what was going on and she ignored me, not even introducing me to her friends. Eventually, she was upstairs distracted with entertaining the friends. 
 I made sure my phone was still on. Then, instead of opening the door and escaping, I just opened the front door and left it ajar. Within a few minutes, Tris and another guy arrived, came in the door and rescued me. Tris said he had been called in because he was good at tracking GPS coordinates. The girl was surprised that I had been tracked, but said she should have known better.

December 5, 2007

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