Monday, June 29, 2009

Switched Kokopelli bags

Travelling was the theme. I was with C and kids and sometimes T, sometimes Bob. To the Southwest. Sometimes by plane, sometimes by bus. On the way back we loaded a bus. I got on it somehow by myself and went to get into my bag for something and noticed it was filled with C’s stuff and couldn’t find what I needed. Then, C showed up and said that we had switched our bags somehow and she had mine. I wondered how they could have gotten mixed up, when we noticed that they were both Kokopelli prints on black background, almost identical except mine had Kokopelli on both sides and C’s had a petroglyph style horse on one side. I liked hers better and wanted to trade. However, hers was newer and mine was wearing out. She didn’t want to trade and I couldn’t blame her. Hers had things like baby bottles and cups, and about 4 packages of little powder sugar donuts and some other cookies. We got things switched back and then arrived at the Phoenix Air Terminal where we had to wait for a flight. Bob showed up to come home with us.

December 13, 2008  

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