Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ranch visit and Dream within a Dream

Visiting somewhere else, some type of ranch.  Took Spirit with me, keeping her in a stable.  They also had a crazy stallion, large, looked like a mahogany colored Morgan/Friesian cross.  Spirit was already pregnant, so I wasn’t worried about her being caught by him. 

 We saddled up for a trail ride, but the next scene I remember is staying overnite in a camping area.  It rained heavily.  The horses were all tied out in the weather with their saddles left on all night.  I didn’t like that, but was told it was the only option.  I remember looking at poor Spirit, standing there all wet and soggy with my lovely saddle soaking wet. The next scene was back at the ranch home where I was in the “living room”.  I was lying on the floor by the fireplace, where I dozed off (in the dream), so I was dreaming that I was asleep and also dreaming.  In the dream with a dream, I dreamed of someone telling me about some important documents.  Then I awoke and saw the documents underneath the fireplace, where I retrieved them and told Ty and C about the dream and finding the documents.  What I didn’t realize, the dream was within an actual dream. The documents had significance, but don’t remember what they were about. Then we all had the discussion that I had “too much money”and needed to convert it into useful “things”.  We brainstormed to figure out the best things to buy.  About that time I actually awakened and realized the WHOLE thing was a dream.

(May 5, 2010 )