Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cumberbatch in St. George

I went to some sort of conference in St. George by myself.  It was something about energy work or natural healing.  I hadn't signed up or paid for it, but they had a name badge for me that was in my handwriting, so I figured I had been there before.  They were showing slide shows and videos that I had a hard time seeing, so I kept trying to move up to a closer spot.  At some point, Benedict Cumberbatch showed up and was mobbed by fans.   Someone else and I tried to help him "escape". 
 We never could get him to say why he was there.  It was late and I didn't want to drive all the way home in the dark, so we found a place to stay that looked suspiciously like Mountain Road Ranch.
 I pointed out to "Ben" how this place was relatively "safe".  He wasn't convinced. Then, a few fans began showing up. We helped him get into a "disguise" as an Amish woman.  In fact, we all dressed up as Amish women.  Ben looked ridiculous of course and it wasn't much of a disguise, due to his prominent features.

Earthquake and Lucid Dream

A group of friends and relatives were all gathered inside for a meal.  We were talking about the possibility of an earthquake and all the disasters around the world. I was showing everyone my portable seismometer.  As we looked at it, it began going off and we felt a mild rumble.  The chart on it, showed not only the Richter scale factor, but the mileage away from us.  It showed around 3 where we were.  At 30 miles away, we watched on the graph as the factor went up to a 10!  At this point, I realized it MIGHT be a dream because a factor that high, that close would destroy everything!  I looked out in the back yard and saw the horse fences.  Instead of panels, there were log fences and no horses were in sight.  Then, I realized it WAS a dream because the fences weren't real.  I told Bob that this was a dream because of that.  He said, no way, this is real.  Again, I insisted it was a dream and asked him to look outside.  Instead of the good weather of a minute ago, it was now snowing and I said, SEE!  Someone commented it looked like volcano ash, not snow.   The epicenter seemed to be about 30 miles south, which would have put it in Farmington or Kaysville.  My next thought was to look for our missing horses, although if it was a dream, we shouldn't be worried about them. I was not worried at all BECAUSE it was a dream. We climbed over some sort of huge vehicle in the driveway, intending to go to a neighbor's to look there.  I kept saying
 "Don't go south. We are safer to stay here and besides that, this is only a dream."  Others kept arguing with me saying, "How could it be a dream?"  Bob said, "I am the lucid dream expert and this is NOT a dream."

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Floating Amphitheater and Falling Into the Murky Water

     Leeb and I were watching C in some sort of seminar/performance.  The setting seemed to be New York.  We were on a platform above some water looking down on a floating amphitheater where C was.  We had Brogurt with us.  We watched as the group "performed". 
The group sang a song, the lyrics of which were very poignant and the melody was hauntingly beautiful.  Tears flowed as emotions released. C seemed especially moved. 
We watched.
      Brogurt became increasingly bored and wanted to play out on a dangerous ledge.  He began doing handstands and I became protective, reaching to grab and stop him.  Leeb said, oh no, he is good at this.  Then Brogurt dropped the book that he had been holding.  Leeb was now mortified. 
     My thought is that it was bound to happen.  A valuable book like that,  he should have been more careful.  The book plunged a hundred feet or so and splashed into the murky water.  It was a larger book about the size of my old White House book, but had a brown and gold leafed cover, appearing ancient and ornate. 
     Then, as we reached to grab Brogurt, we all fell down into the water. 
Oh, man, you know how I dislike  jumping or falling into water, especially from a great height.  Prepare to submerge.  Both Leeb and Brogurt submerged, but came up ok.  I considered myself fortunate only to have submerged up to my chest. Thank goodness for my built in floatation device.  My phone was in my chest pocket and I was fearful of it getting wet.  I was aware of the murky, cold water as we attempted to swim to safety.   At that point, I awakened.

January 20, 2015  

Hiking Up A Flash Flood Canyon

We had moved to a new house in a desert area.  I decided to go exploring and hiking by myself.  I came upon a riverbed and looked upstream.  There were the most gorgeous waterfalls in the distance.  I pulled out my phone to take a photo.  I intended to upload to facebook and say, "look what's in our backyard…sort of" 
 I hiked upstream along the riverbank and as I hiked the water disappeared from the falls and the streambed, leaving just wet sand. 
 I kept hiking.
  Eventually, I got to a place where walls narrowed around me and in order to continue upstream, I had to get down into the riverbed.  It was wet sand, full of debris and other obstacles.  I got to a place where a small waterfall had been, but the scenery had changed so much from the view further downstream.

  I climbed up and saw where the riverbed rounded a bend and I couldn’t see where it went from there.  As I looked up there, a man came around the bend.  He was dressed in hiking clothes, in his mid 30s, dark blond hair.  I didn't recognize him.  He greeted me and then voiced a warning that this was a flash flood area and that a dangerous flood was approaching.  I better get out of the way on higher or dry ground.  He asked me if I had hiked in from downstream and I said yes.  He expressed his unbelief that I had come in that dangerous way.  He said he would show me the way back to civilization a different route to the south.  I said, oh that's where our home is.
 As we spoke, we heard the thundering roar of a flood and we watched it wash down the canyon I had just hiked up. 
 Wow, that was a close call. 
 To think that I had just come up that area.  A few moments later and I would have been right in that flood and unable to get out.  I followed the man out for a ways and we came upon civilization again. 
  Then, a young woman in her 20s with dark hair (I couldn't place exactly who) came up to us and expressed relief that I had been located.   
 I awakened there.  There seemed to be no strong feelings except the difficulties of trudging upstream alone and relief of being rescued from a dangerous situation.

January, 14, 2015 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shipping lanes and waterproof computers

October 27, 2014 

I was in the ocean, which seemed like an extra large swimming pool.  I seemed to be doing some sort of research on "shipping lanes" which seemed to be travelling lanes for crossing the ocean.  People were waiting in this pool area for their assignment of lanes.   Everyone departing at a certain time had the same lane.  I had a card that said shipping lane 2, but I meant to protest that I really didn't want to depart.  I was only doing research.  I thought it fascinating that nearly everyone bobbing around in the water had a laptop computer or ipad which floated on the water while they worked on them.  Sometimes, the device became completely immersed, then retrieved, but worked fine.  I was amazed at the waterproof electronics.  All seemed to be waiting to go through a type of customs station prior to departure.  I was told that couples were often able to go together even if they had different shipping lane assignments.  There was a man who had missed his lane assignment 1 and wanted to go with the 2s.  I was asked to accompany him.  I protested saying, they could see on his passport the shipping lane number and wouldn't let him through.  Oh, well, tried it anyway.  This man was kind of strange looking, almost like a blond Hitler.  But, he seemed nice….We proceeded through the station.  Our papers were looked at briefly and we were waved through.  At that point I seemed to wake up from the dream, but little did I realize that what I woke up into was another dream.  In it, I was telling those around me that I had just had a strange dream about shipping lane assignment.  However, my main concern was the waterproof electronics.  Was that really possible?  Is technology that advanced?  People looked at me as if I were behind the times.  Of course, they said.  Where have you been?  At that point, I awakened from that dream and thought I was in real life, realizing that both had been dreams, only to actually awaken AGAIN, really in my bed and glad that I remembered something from the dreams.  I played them back in my head until I could get up, get dressed and get to my real life computer.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Drone and Warning of Destruction

September 24, 2014  

I was to babysit at some friends.  As I approached the door, a drone about the size of a large serving bowl came toward me.  I was frightened at first, thinking it meant to do spying or something.  I grabbed it and began to crush it in my hands, when it spoke to me, saying, "don't hurt me.  I bring message of the truth. So, I uncrumpled what I had crushed. "It's coming."  I ask what is coming. it said, "the destruction, the whirlstorm of heat."  What can I do?  "Warn them."  I went into the house where my friends and children were.  I told them about the drone and the warning.  They just looked at me like yeah, right.  We must prepare, I said.  Are you still going out?  They said yes.  I told them, I would still tend their children, but I wanted to take them to my house, where there was more protection.  They were reluctant, but agreed.  we began looking outside and saw the skies had turned red. I wondered how we would get to my house, as it was further than walking distance and I seemed to have no vehicle. The TV was on and was warning of strange storms on the rampage.  Eventually, they asked what they could do.  at that point I awakened.

House Sitting For Polygamists

November 28, 2013--I was asked to house sit or baby sit for a family.  I was reluctant, but went anyway on short notice.  When I arrived there was all sorts of not deception, but evasion going on.  I wasn't told out right, but the impression was it was a secret polygamist family along with other great crimes like home schooling.
There seemed to be three wives and various children.  I never saw the husband, but occasional snatches of children.  Everyone was in and out, the general feeling was of evasion, not that they were doing anything really wrong, but were unjustly targeted. They seemed like nice people.
  I didn’t seem to have any real job, but was more of an onlooker and look out.  I asked if I could go back home and get my phone and some books to read and rugs to work on.  I calculated it would take me an hour travel time.  I was given permission to do this, but hurry.  There was a vague feeling of dream, sometimes I seemed to be just the onlooker.  There were close calls as various enforcement officials came and went looking for incriminating evidence.  It became vague as details evaporated.  Eventually, there was talk of a Mexican restaurant and sending out for food.  I volunteered to go for food and ended up at a cafeteria like place.  there was difficulty getting food as I attempted to authenticate who I was and what right I had to be there.  At one point, I had trouble searching for a clean fork.  The feelings were of evasion and slight frustration.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shrek drives the truck

 We lived at a place that looked somewhat like the place in Morgan.  We had horses and various corrals. I was outside, taking some photos and video of various things.  I turned around and saw the truck being driven wildly over the entire place.  Shrek had somehow gotten into the truck and was driving it.  We were able to get to it and open the door and stop him, but not after it had rolled a couple of times.  He appeared to be ok.  bob checked the truck and said there was damage to the differential and other structural damage.  How did Shrek get the keys and get it started?  bob had left the keys in the truck on the seat.  How did Shrek get out of his corral?  We didn't know until I watched some video on my camera which showed Shrek in the far background leaping over a series of corral fences.  We called the insurance and the media because it was such a weird story of a horse driving a truck, but no one believed us without actual video of the event. They thought we had made it up.

(July 6, 2012)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Mountain Lion and the tranquilizer dart

  A mountain lion was loose and appeared in the front yard.  The authorities were chasing it trying to capture or kill it.   The lion attempted to crash through our front door, eventually breaking the glass all over.  
I positioned myself there to protect my children, thinking the lion wouldn't want to tangle with someone my size. I stood there and used all my weight to push the lion back out the door with a quick movement that I had just learned from Aikido.  As I did that, a tranquilizer dart that was intended for the lion hit me in the shoulder area just above the left breast. 

 Within a few seconds, I was down and drowsy.  they were able to get the lion down at the same time.  I passed out for a few minutes, so I didn't see how they took care of the lion.  when I awakened, all were gone.  I felt awful and had a painful area where the dart had entered. 
 I wondered why they had just ignored me.
  Didn't I need medical attention? 
 I felt I should go to a hospital for treatment.  At the next scene, I was at a mall, asking people to please find me the phone for the Ogden Regional.  I knew our insurance didn't cover McKay Dee.  Eventually, someone offered to take me to a hospital, where I was put in a bed, treated and put on an IV.  I still couldn't figure out why everyone had ignored me and wasn't concerned about my condition. 

October 28, 2011 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hidden caverns in the basement & Brandon rescuing me

 Began with investigating why we had a constant flood in our "basement".  the house was some combination of our Morgan house with this one, with some options of neither.  Brandon was helping investigate.  We first looked at the drainage system, which seemed to be constantly overflowing.  Brandon did some sort of adjustment which opened up underground levels which we had been unaware for more than decades.  The first level was dark and rocky.  As I investigated, I became stranded on a rocky ledge above huge caverns.  Brandon had to rescue me and show me the way out.  He also pointed out there was another level accessed with a slightly spiraling rock and dirt staircase.  We turned on the lighting system and lo, there were toys, baby things, cribs and especially sewing machines of all sorts, seemingly my mother's old ones, every old one, I ever could imagined and stacks of sewing supplies, pins, needles, thread by the cartload.  My thought, was "I have been buying all this new sewing stuff, when all this was stashed away and I had forgotten about it".  The stuff did not seem dirty or moldy or cobwebby, but nearly new, even though it had been put away down there in the glorified crawl space.  It seemed vaguely like a dream. I "floated" above the stuff, examining it.  Once down there, I negotiated my way back "up", carefully noting the path, so I could return.  My intention was to bring some people back to show them.
(September 5, 2011)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Moving Again and Lucid Dream

This time we were in a "new" home to us and it became filled with all kinds of furniture and beds that I didn't recognize…I walked around saying, "where did this come from".  I thought of Bethany and her move, but it didn't seem like stuff that she would send.  I then asked someone where our TV was, as there was no TV.  Someone said it was moved to our bedroom, but then someone else said that Bob had gotten rid of it and given it to a hospital.  I was furious.  How dare he give away our TV without asking first!  There was nothing wrong with it and it hasn't been replaced.  At this point I became aware that this was probably a dream!  I dwelt in this awareness as I surveyed the surroundings taking in the detail of how the furniture was arranged.  Then, I thought if this is a dream, I can leave it.  I tried to stop it, but couldn't, so I thought, well, if I can't stop it, I will try to change it.  The only way I could change it was by moving myself, so I began walking, first leaving the house and going outside.  it seemed to be very cumbersome just walking, so I thought, I will just fly, so I levitated in the air and began soaring over the landscape, like in the movie Dinosaur.  I came to some very big and scary dinosaurs, so I just reached out my hand to them and willed them into cute, little cuddly creatures.

(May 27, 2011)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hotel complex and Gumdrop Clues

I was at a Hotel complex.  There was a filming crew taking video of the spectacular architecture and of the wedding facilities.  There were scenes of amazing meals and table settings.  The reason that I was there, was unclear.  There was a lower floor with “lockers” and safe deposit boxes in which our valuables were stored.  I had several (5, I think) boxes or lockers; each had a key and was associated with a color of gumdrop (which I had a bag of).  However, I got hungry and ate most of the gumdrops, thus “forgetting” which keys went where.  I was about ready to pop the last gumdrop, which was black, but then realized what I had done.  I believe one of the numbers was 364, which I kept getting mixed up with 964 and looking in the wrong area.  At one point, the crowds milling around there increased in number.  There was a reason that we could not leave-- no one had transportation.  I called my mom to pick me up with her car.  When people found out I had done that, they became angry because they didn’t have a similar option.
  I went down ½ floor to the boxes to retrieve my stuff, but the administrators had enforced a blackout “quiet time” so that people could catch up on their missed sleep.  I couldn’t find my stuff or my boxes again.  Finally, I was allowed to look and after much confusion about the numbers, I came across my “locker” and someone was already cleaning it out.  Yes, we did have locker partners and I allowed her to finish cleaning her stuff out and then I realized that it WAS NOT my locker.  More frustration.  On the main mezzanine floor, there was a weird flood of thick multicolored substance.  I walked past one of the displays that used to be a tall wedding cake.  Now it had toppled into pieces that people were scrounging to recover.  I kept waiting to be “rescued” by my mom, but woke up before that happened.  In the mean time, I was being entreated to rescue others from the perceived, but nebulous threat.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Church Barn Activity and World War III begins...

I was at some sort of church activity.   I was doing some EFT and life coaching on some people who were upset and arguing with their spouses. As I was was trying to get to the root of the upsets,  the leaders asked us to congregate in a large area kind of like the barns at the State fair. People are on their cell phones, I-phones watching the news.  Then, it is announced by the leaders that THE world wide war has begun and it is not safe for us to leave these premises as there are fires everywhere.  That doesn’t make sense to me or to many others because they want to go home.  For some reason we can’t get to cars or parking lot, so I leave the barn through a side door along with other people who have the same idea to walk home. I am glad I always wear shoes I can walk in.  As I leave, I try to contact Bob, who is not with me.  The cell phones have now gone down.  They turn on, but old fashioned symbols/words appear, but no way to get coverage or make calls, no internet or satellite access.  As I walk and attempt to use my phone, I lament….I wish we had  “walkie talkies” and/or a battery operated communication radio.  My mind went over all the preparations I WISH I had made. (not sure WHAT they were, just that I wish I had made them). I was anxious to get home to the horses.  At that point I woke up and realized it was a dream.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Half Cats and Bad Rap

The only image I remember from a series of dreams is of Cider getting caught in a door and cut in half.  Once over the initial horror, we watched as each lengthwise half morphed into a live “half cat”.  weird, but now we had two strange physically handicapped cats.  Just as I was waking around 4, I was given the name “Bad Rap” and shown the image of a Raptor as an action figure, stuffed animal and star of a movie.  The name had meanings on several levels.  First, he was given a  Bad Rap because of the reputation of raptors from Jurassic Park.  Second, he was a Bad Rap, meaning he was a Good Rap.  Sure, he was carnivorous, and ate meat, but he tried not to eat his friends or humans.

(Jan. 8, 2011) 

(I looked up Bad Rap on the internet and came up with a Pit Bull Rescue Group and a dinosaur name from a series called Extreme Dinosaurs.“Bad Rap: the orange, striped leader of the Raptors, who has a metal brace-like device attached to his mouth (and, briefly, a weapon on one hand that can dissolve solid matter effortlessly). His goal is to permanently alter the Earth's biosphere to closely resemble the Mesozoic“. )

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Clock Shop Incident

The setting was somewhere in Europe, probably Germany. We had just finished some sort of espionage assignment.  We were looking at a clock shop, where I said I had been before twice, but it was closed.  The proprietor was here now and Bob wanted to look for a clock.  I was hesitant, but thought oh, well if it means so much to Bob, then we can spring a few hundred dollars for a clock.  So, Bob leaves me to talk to the man about clocks. I was a little miffed that he didn’t want to include me on the discussions and decisions.  I was left to wander around.  They came out later and Bob showed me the one he was going to get.  It was a  clock about the size of a computer. It had drawers containing polished stone jewelry, lots of gold topaz and amber looking necklaces.  There were all different stones on the clock face, each stone representing the numbers. I am thinking, why spend $ on jewelry…I already have a lot of that. It is an interesting premise, having the stones represent the numbers. I see the price tag--$6,819.  I get upset that it is so much.  I am very agitated saying that it’s exorbitant for a stupid clock.  We could get an awesome horse for that price!!!  And I throw in, that it’s not even a cool Cuckoo clock!! Finally, he sees the “light” and chooses a much more modest clock at around $169, still not a cuckoo clock because he says he can't stand the noise.

 (October 10, 2010)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Staying in the Red Room and C’s Tumble

Series of events culminating in us staying at my grandmas house, but it wasn’t anything I recognized. It faced East and was quite spacious inside in spite of looking small outside. The floor plan was different then either of my grandmas in “real” life.  I ended up staying in the “red” room, next to the living area. 

 It was called the red room because it was decorated in a red handkerchief theme. The bedspread was done in handkerchief patchwork.  There were handkerchiefs for doilies and on the walls  and  a bushel basket lined with them with books in it.  There were throw rugs over the brown carpeting. I noticed it had been a long while since cleaning or vacuuming. 

I then realized that she had guests the week before (an entire houseful) and no cleaning had been done.  At one point I thought I had left my clothes somewhere else, so only had grubby clothes to wear and no dress up.  The next scene I remember was walking or hiking with C in front of me. The going became somewhat rocky, but the soil was mooshy.  On a slight steep decline, C tumbled head over heels like a  somersault.  As first I thought she had done it on purpose to negotiate the decline, (kind of like I did the roll over in Fiery Furnace)  but then she didn’t get up.  I asked if she were hurt; she replied “Of course I’m hurt, I can’t get up, I have multiple injuries, call 911” a myriad of different people then came to administer to her,  The feelings of the dream were unprepared and helpless.

(August 24, 2010)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ranch visit and Dream within a Dream

Visiting somewhere else, some type of ranch.  Took Spirit with me, keeping her in a stable.  They also had a crazy stallion, large, looked like a mahogany colored Morgan/Friesian cross.  Spirit was already pregnant, so I wasn’t worried about her being caught by him. 

 We saddled up for a trail ride, but the next scene I remember is staying overnite in a camping area.  It rained heavily.  The horses were all tied out in the weather with their saddles left on all night.  I didn’t like that, but was told it was the only option.  I remember looking at poor Spirit, standing there all wet and soggy with my lovely saddle soaking wet. The next scene was back at the ranch home where I was in the “living room”.  I was lying on the floor by the fireplace, where I dozed off (in the dream), so I was dreaming that I was asleep and also dreaming.  In the dream with a dream, I dreamed of someone telling me about some important documents.  Then I awoke and saw the documents underneath the fireplace, where I retrieved them and told Ty and C about the dream and finding the documents.  What I didn’t realize, the dream was within an actual dream. The documents had significance, but don’t remember what they were about. Then we all had the discussion that I had “too much money”and needed to convert it into useful “things”.  We brainstormed to figure out the best things to buy.  About that time I actually awakened and realized the WHOLE thing was a dream.

(May 5, 2010 )

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mudslide Flood and Evacuation

 The setting was Morgan County.  We were in some version of the house in Enterprise.  Bob had gone to church in Peterson.  I was at home with two children, a baby of about 15 months and a toddler.  It wasn’t stormy, but spring run off began threatening to flood our home.  I went down the basement in the lower storage area.  It had south facing large windows.  One was open.  Water was dripping in through the foundation and windows.  I  tried to move boxes of papers and clothes to a higher area.  Most of the storage stuff was food in cans and bottles, so I thought it would be ok.  Then mud began engulfing the house and sliding toward the back yard.  Some dripped in the open window, but as it slid past, it closed the window.  I ran upstairs and looked out into the back yard.  The mud was quickly engulfing the entire yard and was approaching the horse pens, where Spirit and Shrek were being surrounded by mud.  I grabbed my two kids and a neighbor appeared, along with Teisha who got halters for the horses and we went out to rescue the horses.  Spirit had nearly fallen in the mud, but we pulled her out, somehow led the horses and kids to safety with a neighbor to higher ground.  I had dropped my cell phone in the water and was trying to get it to work to call Bob.  It kept falling apart in my hands and couldn’t get it to work.  I was SO frustrated at this.  Then, I realized I had Bob’s phone in my pocket.  HE HAD FORGOTTEN TO TAKE IT, SO I COULDN’T REACH HIM!  But, his phone didn’t work either.  I tried to look at the contact list, but the phone was so unfamiliar I couldn’t work it.  Never mind, we must evacuate.  The neighbor helped us get the horses moved and we somehow got them to a canyon area that wasn’t affected by the mud flood.  The neighbor said we had to get to safety. We left the horses in the care of a girl with a large mountainside pasture and paid her.  We ended up at some sort of library or school like a community center.  I was still asking for a phone, but no one had one that worked. Then I didn’t know who to call, so I tried to get Bob’s phone on so he could call me on it, since mine didn’t work. I was surrounded by strangers, but they all seemed to want to help.  We had nothing with us, I hadn’t even had time to grab a purse or a diaper bag.  We just had the clothes on our backs, nothing else.  Not even a diaper or water bottle.  Bob had the car, I knew…if he could just get to us, there would be some supplies in the car.  Whoops, I thought, I hadn’t packed those “72 hour” backpacks I had been intending to.  They were still unfinished at home, which by now had pretty much been mud engulfed, at least the bottom floors.  It all seemed so utterly real.  About this point, I woke up, realized I was in bed in my MR home and it had all been a dream.  What a relief!!!

(April 17, 2010)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mallow the Dog and Tweedy the Kitten

I was living on the same or similar homesteads that my grandparents lived in on Green St.  All the action in the dream took place in the back yard.  Ty’s family and H ’s family were visiting.  I was very excited to show them my new animals—a dog and a kitten.  The dog was a type of Australian shepherd looking like a cross between Milo and Halo, so I called him Malo, (pronounced Mallow)  I was a little dismayed because he was growing SO large.  Ty, especially was SO surprised that I got a dog.The kitten was a very unusual color—mahogany-caramel mottled base coat with black and white trimmings.  I called it “Tweedy” because of a general tweed texture feeling.  There was a ‘road’,wagon wheel rutted in the yard that people needed to walk on to come in the yard.  I said to everyone—be careful of the dog poop, don’t walk in it. So, of course, they did.

(March 6, 2009) 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blue Horses

The theme seemed to be “Blue Horses” a series of dreams all interconnecting with that final theme, culminating in the renaming of a bar/restaurant at which my identity worked. The establishment had a different name, so it surprised me when the signs were being changed and statues and figurines of every sort of blue horse appeared. Most notably, old merry go round horses being repainted so that all major colors were blue. The blue was a clear blue just like the background on this word program. There were paintings on the wall of every sort of horse being re-done, including wall murals of petroglyph type horses. Surprise was the feeling here because in a previous scenario in the group of dreams, the blue horse symbol seemed to have a negative association. I was vaguely aware that these were all dreams, but not aware enough to make conscious decisions. There was a thread of a forbidden love story, involving two teenagers of Arab or Pakistani or Indian ethnicity. I seemed to be one of the only ones in the story that approved and was involved with helping them keep it secret.

April 12, 2009