Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shipping lanes and waterproof computers

October 27, 2014 

I was in the ocean, which seemed like an extra large swimming pool.  I seemed to be doing some sort of research on "shipping lanes" which seemed to be travelling lanes for crossing the ocean.  People were waiting in this pool area for their assignment of lanes.   Everyone departing at a certain time had the same lane.  I had a card that said shipping lane 2, but I meant to protest that I really didn't want to depart.  I was only doing research.  I thought it fascinating that nearly everyone bobbing around in the water had a laptop computer or ipad which floated on the water while they worked on them.  Sometimes, the device became completely immersed, then retrieved, but worked fine.  I was amazed at the waterproof electronics.  All seemed to be waiting to go through a type of customs station prior to departure.  I was told that couples were often able to go together even if they had different shipping lane assignments.  There was a man who had missed his lane assignment 1 and wanted to go with the 2s.  I was asked to accompany him.  I protested saying, they could see on his passport the shipping lane number and wouldn't let him through.  Oh, well, tried it anyway.  This man was kind of strange looking, almost like a blond Hitler.  But, he seemed nice….We proceeded through the station.  Our papers were looked at briefly and we were waved through.  At that point I seemed to wake up from the dream, but little did I realize that what I woke up into was another dream.  In it, I was telling those around me that I had just had a strange dream about shipping lane assignment.  However, my main concern was the waterproof electronics.  Was that really possible?  Is technology that advanced?  People looked at me as if I were behind the times.  Of course, they said.  Where have you been?  At that point, I awakened from that dream and thought I was in real life, realizing that both had been dreams, only to actually awaken AGAIN, really in my bed and glad that I remembered something from the dreams.  I played them back in my head until I could get up, get dressed and get to my real life computer.

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