Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blue Horses

The theme seemed to be “Blue Horses” a series of dreams all interconnecting with that final theme, culminating in the renaming of a bar/restaurant at which my identity worked. The establishment had a different name, so it surprised me when the signs were being changed and statues and figurines of every sort of blue horse appeared. Most notably, old merry go round horses being repainted so that all major colors were blue. The blue was a clear blue just like the background on this word program. There were paintings on the wall of every sort of horse being re-done, including wall murals of petroglyph type horses. Surprise was the feeling here because in a previous scenario in the group of dreams, the blue horse symbol seemed to have a negative association. I was vaguely aware that these were all dreams, but not aware enough to make conscious decisions. There was a thread of a forbidden love story, involving two teenagers of Arab or Pakistani or Indian ethnicity. I seemed to be one of the only ones in the story that approved and was involved with helping them keep it secret.

April 12, 2009 

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