Friday, May 22, 2009

Buffalo on the Loose

The scene was our house in Morgan, except updated and the pasture area was more a combination of Enterprise and North Ogden. 
We had an animal in the backyard. It was not a horse, might have been an elk or deer or cow. It was not well defined. There was a buffalo on the loose and it had gotten into our back pasture. It was trying to get over the gate and was butting heads with our animal. We were watching from a higher vantage point and kept encouraging our animal to stop fighting. The buffalo had nearly broken the gate down. We had called animal control. 
Meanwhile, the buffalo stopped fighting with our animal and began running around our pasture. It had gathered some friends, not other bison, but smaller animals including a coyote. The animal control people communicated with us that they were going to destroy these animals, rather than tranquilize and move them because they were now bothering people in their yards.
 We watched them run all over our pasture, which was huge and had rolling hills, some sagebrush, grass, looked like Colorado prairie. While we were watching, the doorbell rang and it was the visiting teachers. We told them we were busy with wild animals.

July 5, 2007 

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