Monday, December 13, 2010

The Clock Shop Incident

The setting was somewhere in Europe, probably Germany. We had just finished some sort of espionage assignment.  We were looking at a clock shop, where I said I had been before twice, but it was closed.  The proprietor was here now and Bob wanted to look for a clock.  I was hesitant, but thought oh, well if it means so much to Bob, then we can spring a few hundred dollars for a clock.  So, Bob leaves me to talk to the man about clocks. I was a little miffed that he didn’t want to include me on the discussions and decisions.  I was left to wander around.  They came out later and Bob showed me the one he was going to get.  It was a  clock about the size of a computer. It had drawers containing polished stone jewelry, lots of gold topaz and amber looking necklaces.  There were all different stones on the clock face, each stone representing the numbers. I am thinking, why spend $ on jewelry…I already have a lot of that. It is an interesting premise, having the stones represent the numbers. I see the price tag--$6,819.  I get upset that it is so much.  I am very agitated saying that it’s exorbitant for a stupid clock.  We could get an awesome horse for that price!!!  And I throw in, that it’s not even a cool Cuckoo clock!! Finally, he sees the “light” and chooses a much more modest clock at around $169, still not a cuckoo clock because he says he can't stand the noise.

 (October 10, 2010)