Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Half Cats and Bad Rap

The only image I remember from a series of dreams is of Cider getting caught in a door and cut in half.  Once over the initial horror, we watched as each lengthwise half morphed into a live “half cat”.  weird, but now we had two strange physically handicapped cats.  Just as I was waking around 4, I was given the name “Bad Rap” and shown the image of a Raptor as an action figure, stuffed animal and star of a movie.  The name had meanings on several levels.  First, he was given a  Bad Rap because of the reputation of raptors from Jurassic Park.  Second, he was a Bad Rap, meaning he was a Good Rap.  Sure, he was carnivorous, and ate meat, but he tried not to eat his friends or humans.

(Jan. 8, 2011) 

(I looked up Bad Rap on the internet and came up with a Pit Bull Rescue Group and a dinosaur name from a series called Extreme Dinosaurs.“Bad Rap: the orange, striped leader of the Raptors, who has a metal brace-like device attached to his mouth (and, briefly, a weapon on one hand that can dissolve solid matter effortlessly). His goal is to permanently alter the Earth's biosphere to closely resemble the Mesozoic“. )