Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Floating Amphitheater and Falling Into the Murky Water

     Leeb and I were watching C in some sort of seminar/performance.  The setting seemed to be New York.  We were on a platform above some water looking down on a floating amphitheater where C was.  We had Brogurt with us.  We watched as the group "performed". 
The group sang a song, the lyrics of which were very poignant and the melody was hauntingly beautiful.  Tears flowed as emotions released. C seemed especially moved. 
We watched.
      Brogurt became increasingly bored and wanted to play out on a dangerous ledge.  He began doing handstands and I became protective, reaching to grab and stop him.  Leeb said, oh no, he is good at this.  Then Brogurt dropped the book that he had been holding.  Leeb was now mortified. 
     My thought is that it was bound to happen.  A valuable book like that,  he should have been more careful.  The book plunged a hundred feet or so and splashed into the murky water.  It was a larger book about the size of my old White House book, but had a brown and gold leafed cover, appearing ancient and ornate. 
     Then, as we reached to grab Brogurt, we all fell down into the water. 
Oh, man, you know how I dislike  jumping or falling into water, especially from a great height.  Prepare to submerge.  Both Leeb and Brogurt submerged, but came up ok.  I considered myself fortunate only to have submerged up to my chest. Thank goodness for my built in floatation device.  My phone was in my chest pocket and I was fearful of it getting wet.  I was aware of the murky, cold water as we attempted to swim to safety.   At that point, I awakened.

January 20, 2015  

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