Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mallow the Dog and Tweedy the Kitten

I was living on the same or similar homesteads that my grandparents lived in on Green St.  All the action in the dream took place in the back yard.  Ty’s family and H ’s family were visiting.  I was very excited to show them my new animals—a dog and a kitten.  The dog was a type of Australian shepherd looking like a cross between Milo and Halo, so I called him Malo, (pronounced Mallow)  I was a little dismayed because he was growing SO large.  Ty, especially was SO surprised that I got a dog.The kitten was a very unusual color—mahogany-caramel mottled base coat with black and white trimmings.  I called it “Tweedy” because of a general tweed texture feeling.  There was a ‘road’,wagon wheel rutted in the yard that people needed to walk on to come in the yard.  I said to everyone—be careful of the dog poop, don’t walk in it. So, of course, they did.

(March 6, 2009) 

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