Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Powell base camp

We had a base camp somewhere on the shores of Lake Powell. Many of our group decided to go on a “trek”. I stayed behind to look after our campsite. We had a small houseboat we slept on. The water rose about 4 feet overnite and inundated much of our stuff that had been left on the beach. Clothing, camping gear, etc. I could see it under the water and thought I would try to rescue some of it. As I went down, there was a door or opening to a cave/shelter that I found and opened, all with no realization of having been IN any water to get there. The water rushed into this large opening and flooded the floor, but it was big enough and went high enough that the water barely had an effect. I was impressed at this hidden room that was so large and I began exploring it. After I had been there a while, other people began arriving and I asked how they found it and I was told that it was a gathering place for youth groups. I asked how they got through the water to find it and was told there was another entrance. Most people did not have to enter from the water side, because that was frequently under water. I proceeded to look for my family’s belongings. I looked up and recognized two people—Sandy W and Mary D. They recognized me and there was much hugging and greeting. They asked what I was doing there and I told them. They were so glad to find me. I apologized for losing touch. Told them I had lost their e-mail addresses. I wanted to give them a business card so we could keep in contact. I looked through my bags and couldn’t find one. Found all sorts of junk. Then, I began looking for just a card or piece of paper on which I could write my e-mail address. Nothing was suitable. I finally found a piece of paper. Then, I couldn’t find a pen. Finally, a pencil, but the tip kept breaking off. A pen was found, but was out of ink. I had much difficulty trying to write. I kept apologizing for being so unorganized. I explained that I had come through the opening that was underwater and most of my stuff was left on the boat. They just stared at me and made no offering to give me their information. I was frustrated because I couldn’t find the right tools and had come here unprepared. Although I couldn’t have been expected to find this situation. I vowed to always carry cards on me in the future.

July 8, 2008

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