Friday, June 12, 2009

Colorado Horse Round Up

I was given a satellite view of the great plains area, which then focused in on southeast Colorado. The map highlighted the plains areas. Then I was IN Colorado with a group of family members. The area was not familiar and we kept taking wrong turn offs. I had to keep looking at the map, but to do so, I had to go up in the atmosphere and look down at the area that way. We made a stop for food and took it to a rest area. As everyone else ate, I felt a need to scout out the scenery. I noticed Kass and possibly Michex or Q had taken their subway type sandwiches and put all the vegetable fixings on plates like a salad and didn’t want their buns. We resumed our travel to the north and saw a freeway exit marked, “Airport A”. 

I thought that the airport was near Beth somewhere, so we were getting nearer to Aurora. We intended to take that exit, but were diverted and forced to take another one that was unfamiliar. We sought refuge in a ranch like area and were told we could witness the “wild horse” round-up. We watched the round up, but it appeared to be contained in some sort of “time capsule”. Then, we saw Shematite participating in it. She had trouble trying to run after the horses on foot as she was not riding. I tried to run into the action to tell her to get on a horse. I was too slow. As I approached the area of the round up, there was a small foal who had been left behind. He was a dark golden color all over and was really struggling to keep up with the group. I tried to help him. There was much more to the dream, but that’s what I remember.

June 12, 2008  

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