Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ninja’s Babies and Trip to Europe

The first scene was Ninja looking for a place to have her babies. Her choice was an old fashioned carpet in a house, which appeared to be the house on McClelland St. in SL, in which I lived until I was about 2. She scratched around on the carpet and finally began having the babies as I watched. The first two were born dead or appeared to be dead. Two or three were beautiful white spotted with various shades of grey and tiger markings. Within a few minutes the kittens were running around with their eyes open, which was unusual.

(This dream happened before Ninja’s first batch of babies was born—2 black and 2 tiger. The next batch of babies born in August included the beautifully marked kittens, one of which was Muggle)

(postscript, Dec. 2008. I just watched movies of me when I was 1 year old living on McClelland St. I had a cat that looked almost identical to Muggle, black and white)

The next set of dreaming involved a trip to Europe for me and Bob. I never really wanted to go to Europe. I would rather go to Fiji or Turkey. But, we finally made arrangements that would include the places I wanted to visit. It was expensive, but not too bad. I think the whole trip was $3,000 total. We got on the plane and slept most of the way. We arrived in Germany and got on some sort of open air train, on which we sat facing the middle, so we couldn’t see the scenery. At this point, Bob decided to go home instead of finish the trip. I was very upset because we had spent so much money getting to his life long dream and he was choosing to end it. We got back home and were looking at catalogs. There was one of the ginger cookie factories that we were supposed to visit. Bob expressed disappointment that we didn’t go there and get the cookies. I said, maybe we could order some. He said no, don’t do that, just go down to Dillard’s and buy a bucket of them.

The third set involved my work situation at a location that looked like a school. We had a week that we all came to work in costume. I got mixed up on the days and came to work dressed as a wizard, when everyone else was in Marie Antoinette costumes.

May 7, 2007 

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