Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Floating Amphitheater and Falling Into the Murky Water

     Leeb and I were watching C in some sort of seminar/performance.  The setting seemed to be New York.  We were on a platform above some water looking down on a floating amphitheater where C was.  We had Brogurt with us.  We watched as the group "performed". 
The group sang a song, the lyrics of which were very poignant and the melody was hauntingly beautiful.  Tears flowed as emotions released. C seemed especially moved. 
We watched.
      Brogurt became increasingly bored and wanted to play out on a dangerous ledge.  He began doing handstands and I became protective, reaching to grab and stop him.  Leeb said, oh no, he is good at this.  Then Brogurt dropped the book that he had been holding.  Leeb was now mortified. 
     My thought is that it was bound to happen.  A valuable book like that,  he should have been more careful.  The book plunged a hundred feet or so and splashed into the murky water.  It was a larger book about the size of my old White House book, but had a brown and gold leafed cover, appearing ancient and ornate. 
     Then, as we reached to grab Brogurt, we all fell down into the water. 
Oh, man, you know how I dislike  jumping or falling into water, especially from a great height.  Prepare to submerge.  Both Leeb and Brogurt submerged, but came up ok.  I considered myself fortunate only to have submerged up to my chest. Thank goodness for my built in floatation device.  My phone was in my chest pocket and I was fearful of it getting wet.  I was aware of the murky, cold water as we attempted to swim to safety.   At that point, I awakened.

January 20, 2015  

Hiking Up A Flash Flood Canyon

We had moved to a new house in a desert area.  I decided to go exploring and hiking by myself.  I came upon a riverbed and looked upstream.  There were the most gorgeous waterfalls in the distance.  I pulled out my phone to take a photo.  I intended to upload to facebook and say, "look what's in our backyard…sort of" 
 I hiked upstream along the riverbank and as I hiked the water disappeared from the falls and the streambed, leaving just wet sand. 
 I kept hiking.
  Eventually, I got to a place where walls narrowed around me and in order to continue upstream, I had to get down into the riverbed.  It was wet sand, full of debris and other obstacles.  I got to a place where a small waterfall had been, but the scenery had changed so much from the view further downstream.

  I climbed up and saw where the riverbed rounded a bend and I couldn’t see where it went from there.  As I looked up there, a man came around the bend.  He was dressed in hiking clothes, in his mid 30s, dark blond hair.  I didn't recognize him.  He greeted me and then voiced a warning that this was a flash flood area and that a dangerous flood was approaching.  I better get out of the way on higher or dry ground.  He asked me if I had hiked in from downstream and I said yes.  He expressed his unbelief that I had come in that dangerous way.  He said he would show me the way back to civilization a different route to the south.  I said, oh that's where our home is.
 As we spoke, we heard the thundering roar of a flood and we watched it wash down the canyon I had just hiked up. 
 Wow, that was a close call. 
 To think that I had just come up that area.  A few moments later and I would have been right in that flood and unable to get out.  I followed the man out for a ways and we came upon civilization again. 
  Then, a young woman in her 20s with dark hair (I couldn't place exactly who) came up to us and expressed relief that I had been located.   
 I awakened there.  There seemed to be no strong feelings except the difficulties of trudging upstream alone and relief of being rescued from a dangerous situation.

January, 14, 2015 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shipping lanes and waterproof computers

October 27, 2014 

I was in the ocean, which seemed like an extra large swimming pool.  I seemed to be doing some sort of research on "shipping lanes" which seemed to be travelling lanes for crossing the ocean.  People were waiting in this pool area for their assignment of lanes.   Everyone departing at a certain time had the same lane.  I had a card that said shipping lane 2, but I meant to protest that I really didn't want to depart.  I was only doing research.  I thought it fascinating that nearly everyone bobbing around in the water had a laptop computer or ipad which floated on the water while they worked on them.  Sometimes, the device became completely immersed, then retrieved, but worked fine.  I was amazed at the waterproof electronics.  All seemed to be waiting to go through a type of customs station prior to departure.  I was told that couples were often able to go together even if they had different shipping lane assignments.  There was a man who had missed his lane assignment 1 and wanted to go with the 2s.  I was asked to accompany him.  I protested saying, they could see on his passport the shipping lane number and wouldn't let him through.  Oh, well, tried it anyway.  This man was kind of strange looking, almost like a blond Hitler.  But, he seemed nice….We proceeded through the station.  Our papers were looked at briefly and we were waved through.  At that point I seemed to wake up from the dream, but little did I realize that what I woke up into was another dream.  In it, I was telling those around me that I had just had a strange dream about shipping lane assignment.  However, my main concern was the waterproof electronics.  Was that really possible?  Is technology that advanced?  People looked at me as if I were behind the times.  Of course, they said.  Where have you been?  At that point, I awakened from that dream and thought I was in real life, realizing that both had been dreams, only to actually awaken AGAIN, really in my bed and glad that I remembered something from the dreams.  I played them back in my head until I could get up, get dressed and get to my real life computer.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Drone and Warning of Destruction

September 24, 2014  

I was to babysit at some friends.  As I approached the door, a drone about the size of a large serving bowl came toward me.  I was frightened at first, thinking it meant to do spying or something.  I grabbed it and began to crush it in my hands, when it spoke to me, saying, "don't hurt me.  I bring message of the truth. So, I uncrumpled what I had crushed. "It's coming."  I ask what is coming. it said, "the destruction, the whirlstorm of heat."  What can I do?  "Warn them."  I went into the house where my friends and children were.  I told them about the drone and the warning.  They just looked at me like yeah, right.  We must prepare, I said.  Are you still going out?  They said yes.  I told them, I would still tend their children, but I wanted to take them to my house, where there was more protection.  They were reluctant, but agreed.  we began looking outside and saw the skies had turned red. I wondered how we would get to my house, as it was further than walking distance and I seemed to have no vehicle. The TV was on and was warning of strange storms on the rampage.  Eventually, they asked what they could do.  at that point I awakened.

House Sitting For Polygamists

November 28, 2013--I was asked to house sit or baby sit for a family.  I was reluctant, but went anyway on short notice.  When I arrived there was all sorts of not deception, but evasion going on.  I wasn't told out right, but the impression was it was a secret polygamist family along with other great crimes like home schooling.
There seemed to be three wives and various children.  I never saw the husband, but occasional snatches of children.  Everyone was in and out, the general feeling was of evasion, not that they were doing anything really wrong, but were unjustly targeted. They seemed like nice people.
  I didn’t seem to have any real job, but was more of an onlooker and look out.  I asked if I could go back home and get my phone and some books to read and rugs to work on.  I calculated it would take me an hour travel time.  I was given permission to do this, but hurry.  There was a vague feeling of dream, sometimes I seemed to be just the onlooker.  There were close calls as various enforcement officials came and went looking for incriminating evidence.  It became vague as details evaporated.  Eventually, there was talk of a Mexican restaurant and sending out for food.  I volunteered to go for food and ended up at a cafeteria like place.  there was difficulty getting food as I attempted to authenticate who I was and what right I had to be there.  At one point, I had trouble searching for a clean fork.  The feelings were of evasion and slight frustration.