Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Orange Troll

I was aware of “someone” in the Art Room. This time, instead of walking around, they were running my sewing machine very fast. I looked in the room and saw no one, but the sewing machine was running. My thought was not, “This is a dream”, but of “how can they do that?” I went downstairs to tell Bob and as I did so, a large spirit, who was orange and looked like an evil troll came upon me and held and strangled me, so that I could not speak. I tried to communicate what was going on, but Bob just looked puzzled. Finally, he caught on to what was going on. My feelings were of being stifled and then terror. Around that time, I briefly woke up, realized it was a dream, then went back to sleep and dreamed again, not realizing THIS was a dream. In the second installment, I now told Bob of all the happenings of the previous dream. He kept saying, “How could you NOT know it was dream?” and tried to analyze it. We discussed ways of getting rid of, not the dreams, but the evil orange troll. We talked about sending him to the labyrinth, then to the Light. At this point, I woke up and realized they had BOTH been dreams.

February 3, 2009 

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  1. Your little troll in the header brings back memories of my days selling the things. They were popular once.