Monday, September 20, 2010

Staying in the Red Room and C’s Tumble

Series of events culminating in us staying at my grandmas house, but it wasn’t anything I recognized. It faced East and was quite spacious inside in spite of looking small outside. The floor plan was different then either of my grandmas in “real” life.  I ended up staying in the “red” room, next to the living area. 

 It was called the red room because it was decorated in a red handkerchief theme. The bedspread was done in handkerchief patchwork.  There were handkerchiefs for doilies and on the walls  and  a bushel basket lined with them with books in it.  There were throw rugs over the brown carpeting. I noticed it had been a long while since cleaning or vacuuming. 

I then realized that she had guests the week before (an entire houseful) and no cleaning had been done.  At one point I thought I had left my clothes somewhere else, so only had grubby clothes to wear and no dress up.  The next scene I remember was walking or hiking with C in front of me. The going became somewhat rocky, but the soil was mooshy.  On a slight steep decline, C tumbled head over heels like a  somersault.  As first I thought she had done it on purpose to negotiate the decline, (kind of like I did the roll over in Fiery Furnace)  but then she didn’t get up.  I asked if she were hurt; she replied “Of course I’m hurt, I can’t get up, I have multiple injuries, call 911” a myriad of different people then came to administer to her,  The feelings of the dream were unprepared and helpless.

(August 24, 2010)