Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Drone and Warning of Destruction

September 24, 2014  

I was to babysit at some friends.  As I approached the door, a drone about the size of a large serving bowl came toward me.  I was frightened at first, thinking it meant to do spying or something.  I grabbed it and began to crush it in my hands, when it spoke to me, saying, "don't hurt me.  I bring message of the truth. So, I uncrumpled what I had crushed. "It's coming."  I ask what is coming. it said, "the destruction, the whirlstorm of heat."  What can I do?  "Warn them."  I went into the house where my friends and children were.  I told them about the drone and the warning.  They just looked at me like yeah, right.  We must prepare, I said.  Are you still going out?  They said yes.  I told them, I would still tend their children, but I wanted to take them to my house, where there was more protection.  They were reluctant, but agreed.  we began looking outside and saw the skies had turned red. I wondered how we would get to my house, as it was further than walking distance and I seemed to have no vehicle. The TV was on and was warning of strange storms on the rampage.  Eventually, they asked what they could do.  at that point I awakened.

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