Friday, August 28, 2009

Lucid dream, Repairmen

The dreams take place in a different house in a different place. The bedroom was still on a north facing wall, but had the door to the East and a window open to the North. This was the first clue that it might be a dream. I was in bed with covers on. There was something in the bedroom that needed repairs. Bob had called a repair place to send someone out to make the repairs. It was about 9 am. Three men showed up in the bedroom while I was still in bed. They had their tools and set about making the repairs. I realized it must be a dream! That meant I could make a decision and change something. I decided to choose to remember the dream and that it was lucid. I also chose to repeat the dream. Other than that, I would let it play out. As the repair men worked, they needed something they didn’t have—something small, white and elastic-like. They asked me if I could provide it. In the first version of the dream, I just reached over to the side of the bed and handed it to them. In the second version, I got it another way and in the third version, I got up out of bed to go to my “bead” room for supplies. I asked the men to look the other way while I got out of bed and grabbed a robe. They kind of laughed and then I laughed too because it was a dream and didn’t matter. I got up, went to the other room and got the needed supplies, brought them back. I then explained why I slept in so late. It was because I worked swing shift at the IRS. I also said that now I was retired, but still slept late because of habit. One of the men asked what I did now and I told him that I was a Life Coach and made jewelry. He said he would like to learn how—could I show him? So, I got some beads and other supplies and brought them to him. He sat down and made a necklace for his wife. He brought out a stash of cash and tried to pay me, but I explained that he was doing repairs for us, so we would call it a trade. The two other men didn’t agree with that because they needed the cash, not the jewelry. They finally relented and made a deal among themselves. The necklace he had made, did not look like anything I would have made. It was very short, so short it didn’t look like it would fit around anyone’s neck. It had different colors and shapes of beads. One bead was made of jade or aventurine and was shaped like a small house about and inch in diameter.
Bead, emerald green aventurine (natural), 4x4mm-5x5mm hand-cut flat square, C grade, Mohs hardness 7. Sold per 14-inch strand.

January 1, 2009
(I had been studying techniques in the book called Lucid Dreaming. I tried a few upon retiring. The first was making an intention to realize and remember. The second was to count and say the words, “I’m dreaming”. I tried that several times and only got to three.)

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  1. I am impressed with all the detail you remembered and wrote down.