Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Earthquake and Lucid Dream

A group of friends and relatives were all gathered inside for a meal.  We were talking about the possibility of an earthquake and all the disasters around the world. I was showing everyone my portable seismometer.  As we looked at it, it began going off and we felt a mild rumble.  The chart on it, showed not only the Richter scale factor, but the mileage away from us.  It showed around 3 where we were.  At 30 miles away, we watched on the graph as the factor went up to a 10!  At this point, I realized it MIGHT be a dream because a factor that high, that close would destroy everything!  I looked out in the back yard and saw the horse fences.  Instead of panels, there were log fences and no horses were in sight.  Then, I realized it WAS a dream because the fences weren't real.  I told Bob that this was a dream because of that.  He said, no way, this is real.  Again, I insisted it was a dream and asked him to look outside.  Instead of the good weather of a minute ago, it was now snowing and I said, SEE!  Someone commented it looked like volcano ash, not snow.   The epicenter seemed to be about 30 miles south, which would have put it in Farmington or Kaysville.  My next thought was to look for our missing horses, although if it was a dream, we shouldn't be worried about them. I was not worried at all BECAUSE it was a dream. We climbed over some sort of huge vehicle in the driveway, intending to go to a neighbor's to look there.  I kept saying
 "Don't go south. We are safer to stay here and besides that, this is only a dream."  Others kept arguing with me saying, "How could it be a dream?"  Bob said, "I am the lucid dream expert and this is NOT a dream."

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