Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Mountain Lion and the tranquilizer dart

  A mountain lion was loose and appeared in the front yard.  The authorities were chasing it trying to capture or kill it.   The lion attempted to crash through our front door, eventually breaking the glass all over.  
I positioned myself there to protect my children, thinking the lion wouldn't want to tangle with someone my size. I stood there and used all my weight to push the lion back out the door with a quick movement that I had just learned from Aikido.  As I did that, a tranquilizer dart that was intended for the lion hit me in the shoulder area just above the left breast. 

 Within a few seconds, I was down and drowsy.  they were able to get the lion down at the same time.  I passed out for a few minutes, so I didn't see how they took care of the lion.  when I awakened, all were gone.  I felt awful and had a painful area where the dart had entered. 
 I wondered why they had just ignored me.
  Didn't I need medical attention? 
 I felt I should go to a hospital for treatment.  At the next scene, I was at a mall, asking people to please find me the phone for the Ogden Regional.  I knew our insurance didn't cover McKay Dee.  Eventually, someone offered to take me to a hospital, where I was put in a bed, treated and put on an IV.  I still couldn't figure out why everyone had ignored me and wasn't concerned about my condition. 

October 28, 2011 

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