Friday, October 28, 2011

Moving Again and Lucid Dream

This time we were in a "new" home to us and it became filled with all kinds of furniture and beds that I didn't recognize…I walked around saying, "where did this come from".  I thought of Bethany and her move, but it didn't seem like stuff that she would send.  I then asked someone where our TV was, as there was no TV.  Someone said it was moved to our bedroom, but then someone else said that Bob had gotten rid of it and given it to a hospital.  I was furious.  How dare he give away our TV without asking first!  There was nothing wrong with it and it hasn't been replaced.  At this point I became aware that this was probably a dream!  I dwelt in this awareness as I surveyed the surroundings taking in the detail of how the furniture was arranged.  Then, I thought if this is a dream, I can leave it.  I tried to stop it, but couldn't, so I thought, well, if I can't stop it, I will try to change it.  The only way I could change it was by moving myself, so I began walking, first leaving the house and going outside.  it seemed to be very cumbersome just walking, so I thought, I will just fly, so I levitated in the air and began soaring over the landscape, like in the movie Dinosaur.  I came to some very big and scary dinosaurs, so I just reached out my hand to them and willed them into cute, little cuddly creatures.

(May 27, 2011)

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