Friday, February 18, 2011

The Church Barn Activity and World War III begins...

I was at some sort of church activity.   I was doing some EFT and life coaching on some people who were upset and arguing with their spouses. As I was was trying to get to the root of the upsets,  the leaders asked us to congregate in a large area kind of like the barns at the State fair. People are on their cell phones, I-phones watching the news.  Then, it is announced by the leaders that THE world wide war has begun and it is not safe for us to leave these premises as there are fires everywhere.  That doesn’t make sense to me or to many others because they want to go home.  For some reason we can’t get to cars or parking lot, so I leave the barn through a side door along with other people who have the same idea to walk home. I am glad I always wear shoes I can walk in.  As I leave, I try to contact Bob, who is not with me.  The cell phones have now gone down.  They turn on, but old fashioned symbols/words appear, but no way to get coverage or make calls, no internet or satellite access.  As I walk and attempt to use my phone, I lament….I wish we had  “walkie talkies” and/or a battery operated communication radio.  My mind went over all the preparations I WISH I had made. (not sure WHAT they were, just that I wish I had made them). I was anxious to get home to the horses.  At that point I woke up and realized it was a dream.  

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