Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hotel complex and Gumdrop Clues

I was at a Hotel complex.  There was a filming crew taking video of the spectacular architecture and of the wedding facilities.  There were scenes of amazing meals and table settings.  The reason that I was there, was unclear.  There was a lower floor with “lockers” and safe deposit boxes in which our valuables were stored.  I had several (5, I think) boxes or lockers; each had a key and was associated with a color of gumdrop (which I had a bag of).  However, I got hungry and ate most of the gumdrops, thus “forgetting” which keys went where.  I was about ready to pop the last gumdrop, which was black, but then realized what I had done.  I believe one of the numbers was 364, which I kept getting mixed up with 964 and looking in the wrong area.  At one point, the crowds milling around there increased in number.  There was a reason that we could not leave-- no one had transportation.  I called my mom to pick me up with her car.  When people found out I had done that, they became angry because they didn’t have a similar option.
  I went down ½ floor to the boxes to retrieve my stuff, but the administrators had enforced a blackout “quiet time” so that people could catch up on their missed sleep.  I couldn’t find my stuff or my boxes again.  Finally, I was allowed to look and after much confusion about the numbers, I came across my “locker” and someone was already cleaning it out.  Yes, we did have locker partners and I allowed her to finish cleaning her stuff out and then I realized that it WAS NOT my locker.  More frustration.  On the main mezzanine floor, there was a weird flood of thick multicolored substance.  I walked past one of the displays that used to be a tall wedding cake.  Now it had toppled into pieces that people were scrounging to recover.  I kept waiting to be “rescued” by my mom, but woke up before that happened.  In the mean time, I was being entreated to rescue others from the perceived, but nebulous threat.

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