Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cumberbatch in St. George

I went to some sort of conference in St. George by myself.  It was something about energy work or natural healing.  I hadn't signed up or paid for it, but they had a name badge for me that was in my handwriting, so I figured I had been there before.  They were showing slide shows and videos that I had a hard time seeing, so I kept trying to move up to a closer spot.  At some point, Benedict Cumberbatch showed up and was mobbed by fans.   Someone else and I tried to help him "escape". 
 We never could get him to say why he was there.  It was late and I didn't want to drive all the way home in the dark, so we found a place to stay that looked suspiciously like Mountain Road Ranch.
 I pointed out to "Ben" how this place was relatively "safe".  He wasn't convinced. Then, a few fans began showing up. We helped him get into a "disguise" as an Amish woman.  In fact, we all dressed up as Amish women.  Ben looked ridiculous of course and it wasn't much of a disguise, due to his prominent features.

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