Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hidden caverns in the basement & Brandon rescuing me

 Began with investigating why we had a constant flood in our "basement".  the house was some combination of our Morgan house with this one, with some options of neither.  Brandon was helping investigate.  We first looked at the drainage system, which seemed to be constantly overflowing.  Brandon did some sort of adjustment which opened up underground levels which we had been unaware for more than decades.  The first level was dark and rocky.  As I investigated, I became stranded on a rocky ledge above huge caverns.  Brandon had to rescue me and show me the way out.  He also pointed out there was another level accessed with a slightly spiraling rock and dirt staircase.  We turned on the lighting system and lo, there were toys, baby things, cribs and especially sewing machines of all sorts, seemingly my mother's old ones, every old one, I ever could imagined and stacks of sewing supplies, pins, needles, thread by the cartload.  My thought, was "I have been buying all this new sewing stuff, when all this was stashed away and I had forgotten about it".  The stuff did not seem dirty or moldy or cobwebby, but nearly new, even though it had been put away down there in the glorified crawl space.  It seemed vaguely like a dream. I "floated" above the stuff, examining it.  Once down there, I negotiated my way back "up", carefully noting the path, so I could return.  My intention was to bring some people back to show them.
(September 5, 2011)

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